Relocation, Disposal & Demolition


If you need to move your buildings between your sites or around the country, or if you are relocating your premises, we can arrange everything to ensure a hassle-free and efficient relocation. We’ll organize all the transport and logistics to make the move as simple as possible for you.


Not only do we take care of the logistics of moving your valuable building from A to B we can also provide:-

  • Craneage & Transport
  • New Steps, Ramps & Pathways.
  • Internal & External Electrical and Plumbing connections
  • New Pads & Foundations
  • Temporary Roadways
  • Groundwork - Drainage etc.
  • Site clearance - making good, re-seeding etc.
  • Building alterations

From the moment the building is handed over to us our trained fitters will carefully dismantle the building into transportable sections, we will then take on all the craneage and transport needs from the simplest of lifts to the most complex, often being asked to crane buildings over other buildings etc. once safely in its new position our fitters carefully refit all facias, covers and seals ensuring all work is done to the highest standard.


Often our customers require modular buildings removed from site either because they are no longer needed or because the buildings age has rendered it no longer in a usable condition.
Whatever its condition we can normally take the building away in one piece, without the need for it to be demolished on site, where it will either be refurbished and eventually resold or broken down into its individual components and recycled.  If we think the building can be refurbished then this will reflect in the cost of the disposal.

We will always recycle buildings wherever possible minimizing its environmental impact.


Sometimes due to fire damage or poor condition of the buildings, no other options remain except to demolish on site, in a safe manner.

Our years of experience dealing with modular buildings means we are well equipped for such work, the building will be demolished on site and removed to specialist recycling plants.