Luxury Modular Homes


Luxury modular homes by Al Nahar make the dream of homeownership a reality for families and individuals in search of an affordable, yet elegant, house to call their own. We have been supplying our valued customers, modular homes for many years with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction that distinguishes us from other modular home companies. With Al Nahar, your luxury modular home is designed and built with your interests and requirements at the forefront of our concerns.

Designing Your Dream Home

Modular homes are fully customizable in order to fulfill the buyer's needs and preferences. By working with one of us, customers have a variety of options when searching for the perfect luxury modular home. Al Nahar produces several dozen standard models of luxury modular homes. Floor plans, interior design, roofing dimensions and much more can be selected by the buyer in order to formulate a luxury home plan sure to meet and exceed expectations.

Equipped with sophisticated Computer Aided Design software, we can help you select a standard model luxury modular home or develop a completely unique design featuring each of our customization options. Contact us today to begin the process of formulating your luxury modular home plans.

Only the Finest Building Methods & Materials

Professionally crafted and assembled, Al Nahar homes are virtually indistinguishable from traditionally-built homes and, in fact, are more sustainable in the long run thanks to the high-quality building materials used in their construction. Our customers expect nothing short of the best, and we're proud to be trusted with the construction of their luxury modular homes.